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Working with the Moon

May 30th is the New Moon in Gemini and once again the opportunity for new moon manifestation work is available to us. The New Moon in Gemini is particularly suited to love work, although I always advise leaving love work open-ended without a named target, that way you aren’t impacting another’s free will. But if you think you are ready for new love or you are hoping to strengthen the love that you have, this is the new moon for that work. New Moon rituals do not need to include ritual spell work to achieve manifestations. Here’s what you can do today to prepare for this new moon or any new moon. Clean your environment thoroughly to rid yourself of the old energies that you are ready to release. I like to get fresh flowers for my altar space and the flowers I choose are related to the work I am going to do. It helps to take a ritual shower or bath and then settle in with a new moon journal, petition papers, or bay leaves. You can use all three methods. In the journal ask the universe for what it is you are trying to manifest. Contrary to popular belief you don’t need to write these requests as if you already possess them. The universe is not that easily confused and the law of attraction is actually initiate level magic, so the tense use is actually for the practitioner’s belief in manifestation, not for the universal instruction. If you are using bay leaves you would burn those in a dedicated intention or prayer candle flaw, I often use the flame from my money lamp. First, you ask that your wish be granted with a leaf, then you burn it in the flame, and then release the ashes under the new moon’s sky after sunset. It can help to work with portal numbers as the time to burn 10:01 or 11:11 works very well. The universal energies are always at your disposal, set your intentions, and you will attract the energy you are living in and that’s why this ritual sets your receptivity for the month. Remember that this is the time to set your intentions around connection, expansion of connection, abundance, emotional wellness, and particularly self-love as the Gemini card in Tarot is the Lovers which is also about making peace with the duality within that we all possess. Go forth and create the world you wish to inhabit and for best results envision a peaceful loving world for all as it will aid your energetic environment as well as everyone else’s world as well.

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