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Hi, I'm Alane Hathaway and I offer Live Psychic Readings on multiple platforms, as a professional Tarot Card Reader, Energy Healer, and Spiritual Advisor I am able to provide readings from multiple platforms but as of October 2023 in person readings are limited to existing clients only please read the service description for instructions on how book that service. I do offer  phone readings, live-streamed readings via Google Zoom, or FaceTime for new clients.  I also offer instruction in Celestial and Angelic Magic.  Don't forget I have a YouTube Channel and my podcast called Logical Magic: Examining Esoterica.  Please check the About section for my most recent interviews updated in August 2023.


I have been quoted in pieces for Bustle, Yahoo, and Ehow and all articles are available via my blog. Please check the About Me section for more information about what I do and for links to podcasts I've done with Euphomet, The Online Dinner Party,  Jay Barone, The Nth Power and other hosts as well as media mentions.    

Please be aware all appointment times are in the Pacific Time Zone.  The time in California.  

Types of Readings:  Live-stream readings are done via Google Zoom or FaceTime.  In-person readings are available for existing clients but new clients need to have had a Zoom or FaceTime reading with me before I can offer an in-person reading.  Please check Addition Services for more information.  

Don't forget to check out my YouTube Channel Cronecast AtTheRisingMoon if you would like to experience my work firsthand.  

IMPORTANT: If no availability is shown on my schedule, then there is no time available.  Calling or texting to ask if I have anything today is unnecessary.  If there are no appointment times showing on my calendar, it means there is no availability on that particular day.  Thank you for your understanding.  

Cancelation and refund policy:  As of April 2023 all refunds will have the credit card processing fee removed, as I will be charged that fee regardless, so it will be deducted from all returns.  If you need to change an appointment you may do so with 24 Hours notice.  Any appointment canceled with less than 24 hours notice may not be fully refunded.  

Please note that clients take full and sole responsibility for any actions undertaken as a result of information gleaned from a reading. 

It is better to light a single candle than to sit and curse the dark



Contact Me

3625 E. Thousand Oaks Blvd. Ste 262 
Westlake Village CA 91362


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