Video Gallery (Weekly Tarot Readings)

Video Gallery

Discover a sampling of my Daily and Weekly Tarot Readings (and more) from At the Rising Moon!

I hope these assorted Tarot Readings give you a sense of my abilities, affinities and approaches. Please subscribe to my YouTube Channel for more special videos, and contact me for your own Personal Tarot Reading at or (805) 409-7971 today!

Cronecast AtTheRisingMoon

Cronecast AtTheRisingMoon

Tarot Guidance for you today!🔮The Spirit Guide Daily: All messages are timeless

Your Love Energy Today! 💘🔮 The Daily Love Draw: All messages are timeless!

🔮The Spirit Guide Daily: Tarot Guidance for you today! All messages are timeless!

Pick A Card: Timeless Reading🔮Divine Messages: Who was I in a past life? What does it mean for now?

In this Timeless Reading, a Pick A Card selection will help guide you to the three lifetimes that have still impact you now, as well as advising you with spirit guide messages in how to heal the emotional wounds you carry from the past. Each pile contains three lifetimes and talks about the issues you carry from these lifetimes. Be aware, this is a slightly heavier reading as these messages contain information on how to clear blocked energies and manifest the life you wish to have in this lifetime.

Weekly Tarot Reading🔮Pick A Card 🌜Jan. 5-11 2020🌛🕯Candle Magic Tarot🕯Release to Receive!

What does the week of January 5-11 2020 have in store for you? Find out in this weekly energy read with a general energy reading to start and a Pick a Card Reading to follow. Is old energy blocking blessings? Find out in this Candle Magic Tarot reading! The word of the week is release. Energy management tarot aids in realizing your best possible outcomes in love, career, and life!

Pick A Card: Timeless Reading 🔮✨Divine Messages: What's the solution?✨🕯 Candle Magic Tarot🕯

In this Pick A Card Reading Spirit Guide Messages help guide you to the solutions to your current problems. This Timeless Reading with Divine Messages contains the messages from Spirit about how to improve your situation, solve your problem, and move towards happiness, fulfillment and your life's purpose. Specially anointed candles help manifests the answers to your most pressing questions in five piles. Tarot for life management, candle magic assisted tarot readings help show the path forward in love, career, and life.

Pick A Card Reading 🔮 🌜January Predictions 2020🌛🕯✨Candle Magic Tarot✨🕯

Today's video from #CronecastAtTheRisingMoon is a Pick A Card reading with predictions for January 2020. Get the monthly forecast featuring a career reading, a love reading, a conflicts reading, and a general energy reading in each group! This is also a Candle Magic Tarot Reading, to help aid the manifesting energies and to amplify the connection to the collective. Find out what is coming your way in January! A new decade begins!

Weekly Tarot Reading🔮🌜December 22-28🌛 🕯Candle Magic Reading🕯

December brings a week with gatherings and travel in this weekly energy read! This Weekly Tarot Reading for the energies surrounding us from December 8-14, 2019 is a Candle Magic Reading with a Pick A Card following the General Energy Read. Candle Magic helps us identify the energies ideal for manifestation!

Pick A Card:Timeless Love Reading🔮💘What will happen with this Connection?

In this Timeless Pick A Card Love Reading the cards answer the question, "What will happen with this Connection?" Is this connection your soulmate? Potentially your Twin Flame? Find out in this Pick A Card Timeless Reading about Love with four piles from which to choose. Also, I had four rosewater anointed candles burning throughout this reading as a way of further inviting in the energies of love. The candle magic didn't let us down!