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About Me

Divine Conduit Tarot Readings

It's nice to meet you! My name is Alane and I offer more than twenty years of experience in guidance via Tarot readings and energy management practices and am thus able to help you connect to your own intuition and capacity for joy, fulfillment, and achievement. I'm here to help you awaken and maximize your personal power and decision-making skills. 

Below are some links to podcasts I've been a part of, as well! And I have my own podcast called Logical Magic: Examining Esoterica.


You can join my Patreon for daily healing and spiritual guidance, Monday-Friday here.  It's access to guidance at a low-cost .


I'm here to help you heal, find clarity, and rediscover empowerment and self-actualization. I am a psychic healer, able to help my clients heal and move on from past emotional trauma. I believe my purpose is to positively impact other human beings and to awaken your own life goals, joys, and aspirations. 

Check out my blog or the Press Mentions section for media articles I've participated in for Bustle, Yahoo, and Ehow by subscribing to my site.  

I am a divine conduit—someone to reconnect you to your own awareness of possibility and magic. I also offer private instruction in energy clearing, practical magic, and card reading.  I practice Celestial and Angelic Magic, as well as Folk Magic and I offer instruction in both practices.  Let me help you find your clarity!

Check out my interview with Nicole Devlin for To the Nth Power here. 

Check out my interview on The Curiosity Chamber with Jay Barone from August 2023 here.

Check out my segment with The Online Dinner Party with Marc Lee from July 2023 here. 

Podcasts I've done with Karen Rontowski Paranormal Karen:

And Here! 

About Me: About Me
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