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A New Moon for Powerful Choices

It’s the New Moon in Gemini. A time to change things for the better, to manifest the change in our lives that will bring us more love, more abundance, more stability, greater happiness, and joy in simply being alive.

All of that starts with healing. Every month on the new moon we are given an opportunity to start anew, to approach the world as if we are new as well

if we choose to.

The truth of the matter is that in life there can be pain, heartache, struggle, resistance, anger, and trauma to be overcome. However, we have the ability to heal all within. You aren’t ever being asked to be grateful for your struggles but rather for the inner power, and divine connection that brings us the energy to heal ourselves.

If you wish wealth without healing it will only be a bandaid, a temporary distraction from what the root source of the problem is: pain. Emotional pain and trauma holds us back.

The past cannot hurt us, it exists in memory. Everything about the future is a story we are telling ourselves when we think of it. If you expect the future to resemble your past, it will. If you decide to heal, to truly heal, you can manifest all the success you could ever want.

Here is how you begin to heal: Speak to yourself kindly and lovingly. The voices of doubt within, the harsh self-criticism, these are all programmed responses, so program new ones. Love yourself, keep trying to be the kindest, most compassionate version of yourself and that is the energy you will inhabit. That is the energy that will come to you.

But understand the wounds of the past before you release. Understand the role you may have played in choosing partners or situations that brought about some of that pain. This will never be about blaming yourself, it will always be about understanding yourself for better outcomes, greater peace, and more love.

You can change your world by healing, but healing starts from within. It does not come from the job or relationship you desire. It does not come from the wealth or circumstances in which you live.

Healing does not come from an external source, it comes from inside you. It comes from your choices, the ways you speak to yourself, the way you view yourself and others.

Don’t look to exteriors sources and their temporary fixes to heal, look within. Know that you are worthy and lovable, even though you struggle. It’s okay to be working on things, just keep working. Give yourself praise as well as keep yourself accountable to the person you wish to be.

The New Moon is in Gemini and in tarot Gemini is represented by the Lovers card, a card of choices as that represents the dual nature of Gemini.

Love can bring happiness but unless you are healed within it will be fleeting as the bloom fades from the rose. Money can bring fleeting happiness but as the stress of deprivation is removed from your life, the discontent of unhealed trauma will come to the fore.

This moon choose to heal. Choose to dedicate yourself to becoming whole within so that true and lasting happiness can be yours. The type of happiness that no relationship loss, job change, societal shift, or machinations of others can truly challenge because when you love yourself, you will believe in yourself.

Healing is the ultimate act of self-love and it will be uncomfortable at first as you confront the pain caused by the wounds of the past. This pain will pass, believe in that, believe that healing will free you, and utilize this new moon to manifest true love and abundance.

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