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Clear now for more abundant energies

Clearing energy for the collective. No matter what belief system you do or do not belong to collective energy creates power. This is the perfect collective energy to harness for new beginnings as there is a lot of hopeful belief present in many major belief systems at this time, and it ties into the energy of Spring, which is also the energy of multiple goddesses, including Gai, Persephone, Lakshmi and many others that it really would become too numerous to name, but they are all part of the feminine divine ready to bring life back after the Winter has passed. Now is the time to use sound bowls, incense, Florida Water, bells, smudge sprays, or sage (sage is endangered so unless your spiritual practice calls for it, consider one of the alternatives) to clear your space. I am using Sage because I was doing a universal clearing and have been doing universal clearings all week.

If you are in my collective the energetic boosters that have been available to you are spell-breaking, hex, and jinx-breaking, prosperity and abundance magic (for good intent only which includes helping others with all blessings). Entity removal, attachment removal, parasite removal, and lower-level demon banishing.

If you do any of your own work, that's the energy that I've been creating for the collective for weeks. And if you are struggling with Despair or Fear which are forms of energetic attachment, that energy is now also available to you.

You do need to do some form of work yourself, but it involves lighting at least one candle, and setting an intention in it's most simplistic form, and setting an intention is simple, in this case you can ask for healing to bring you all that hope for but again, it will only work with those working with good intent.

This is truly not a case of judging anyone, I just don't have access to darker energies since I chose a particular path exclusively (except for self-defense which still isn't baneful just negating of those energies). It's just not the power source I've chosen to connect to and be aware, if you try to use energy outside of your intent, it almost always results in a backfire.

Anyway, these are what I used to clear all rooms in five-star patterns, a spray in each corner of the room, then spray center to fix it into the 3D. That represents all elements and then the center spray fixes it into your reality. It is best to clear entirely before setting any intentions or doing any work. Remember to open the windows even if it is just a crack.

There is a transformative energy available to all at this time. Change things for the better, it's a choice we can make for our lives.

Be blessed and abundant,


p.s. please don't ask for links to purchase the sprays, it really is important for you to find your own sources, you will be drawn to what is right for you.

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