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Full Moon In Capricorn July 13th

Today, July 13th, 2022 is the Full Moon in Capricorn. Represented by the tarot card The Devil, Capricorn asks us to examine our relationship to all aspects of our earthly self. The Devil is a card of earthly pleasure, but it is also the card of relationships to things or people that don’t serve us. Every full moon presents an opportunity to release that which does not serve our highest good, and this full moon is an excellent opportunity to release attachments that aren’t helping us on our journey

or aiding us in finding a greater love of self which connects us to the divine and to our purpose. If you have had a series of unsatisfying relationships, if it always seems as if you are left wanting in your connections, that your needs are never met and you pour your love out, only to feel empty and heartbroken at the end of a relationship, please consider looking within and healing your relationship to self before seeking exterior or romantic relationships. That is what Love Yourself First, means. To find the love we truly want we must look within rather than to an exterior source. This full moon try releasing unhealthy relationships and attachments and commit fully to healing self so that when love comes to you it will not be to fill a void within but rather to add to the love of life and self you already have created through your connection to your higher self and your purpose.

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