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Full Moon Ritual: How to do a Salt Plate for releasing old energies

Today we’re covering a basic salt plate for releasing energies on the Full Moon.  Most Full Moon rituals call for a burning bowl, or a cauldron and that the petition papers be burned but that’s always practical, so here’s an example of a salt plate for releasing. 

Remember, you have three full days starting today to do a Full Moon release ritual to release the energies that are not serving you prior to the New Year.  

Write the energy you are attempting to release on a hand-torn petition paper (remember to tear away from you when you are trying to release) I suggest purple ink but that is my preference as it corresponds to the Crown Chakra and helps access your higher self.  Write the key word or phrase of the energy you are releasing, then draw a line through it.  Empower, bless, and activate the petitions one at a time, calling the deities you work with as you do so and call to your ancestors for help with this.  Place the petitions on a bed of activated salt and remember to do an offering to aid in the process after sunset.  

I mix my salt with lemongrass oil for any form of salt plate and then I also include a bless and activated lemon peel as part of the salt working. 

After the Full Moon, deactivate the plate and papers with your dominant hand and you can simply dispose of them.  

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