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Grounding is the Key to Manifestation

As we approach the New Moon grounding exercises can clear energies that are impeding progress. Grounding helps release energy that has been appropriately processed, particularly as it pertains to old pain, and emotions attached to the past. Hiking, walking, exercising, sitting in a garden, and listening to running water as you meditate are all grounding exercises. Cleaning is a very grounding exercise as well. Grounding helps with anxiety, insomnia, indecision, depression, and with anger. Trees are well suited to helping with this process as they are both deeply rooted in the grounding element of earth which can receive and negate dark energies by returning them to source where they can harm none, and they are also alive, constantly processing their environment. For manifestation amplification growing plants, gardens, or interacting with flourishing gardens can also help set your energetic signature heading into a New Moon. New Moons are for manifestations, new beginnings, and fresh starts. We had a slightly overcast day in my part of SoCal this morning which is perfect for both me and my dogs, so we hit the trails today. Remember, in a pinch if you cannot get to grounding sources videos, photographs and artwork depicting scenes from nature can stand in for direct interaction with grounding influences. Whenever possible it is best to directly interact but when you can't images can help you resolve and release energetic burdens.

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