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Harnessing the Power of the Full Moon

Hey everyone, we're officially in the full moon in Taurus, this is the second day of the three-day cycle and I'm posting the work I did on my altar to banish, release, and break. It won't be fired up until 5:55 pm tonight, but I thought I would tell you about it, as well as some non-magical things you can do at the full moon.

Remember, the full moon is for releasing energy so it's the perfect time for curse breaking, spell breaking, release of old energies or emotions, but it's not the time that you want to start money magic, as a for instance. The offering is one of those "tastes better than it looks" things, it's a coconut cake with a reduced pineapple and lime glaze. It's fantastic but I will confess that I'm looking forward to November 2nd, because making a new dessert every night for all of October, while fun, means I'll likely be sugar detoxing for a solid week at the start of November. Ideally, you also eat what you have made as an offering. The figure candle has the name and birthdate of the person who I'm releasing all negative energies, darker energies, karmic burdens, and generational curses for along with four different conjure oils, including spell breaker, banishing, Ganesh oil, and one that you should only use if you are a celestial and angelic magic practitioner so I'm not going to name it.

The figure is in blessed and empowered table salt (not sea salt this time) poured in a counterclockwise ring. This type of work is best done on the full moon in the target's sun sign, by the way, and starting it at 5:55 will help harness the energy of change in the angelic numbering system. Also, that is my freshly scrubbed altar, and that's as clean as it can get at this stage. A friend of mine who is a contractor brought me a slab of white quartz from a house he was remodeling and I've always felt sorry for the people who picked it out...darned thing stains. In my case though, it's the perfect material for an altar even if it looks a proper wreck most of the time.

That all brings me to what you can do to embrace the release of the full moon. If you don't do magic, don't worry, just clean. It doesn't have to be top to bottom in your home but pick a room and clean it significantly. Change your bed sheets, sweep your floor, do something that symbolizes getting rid of the old and improving things with the change. Eating foods with any type of citrus, including just drinking water with lemon or lime, are also things you can add into your full moon ritual to release that which is no longer serving you, or blocking you.

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