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How spiritual protection manifests

It's funny how the cards work. Every day I get up and I take a draw from all of the decks I work with regularly, and it will tell me what's coming up in the day.

Here's part of today's draw, and they always prove to be true, although I usually have no idea what they are talking about at the time.

I have a friend named Sonya who helps me with PR and finding opportunities for me. She's been just the biggest godsend in my life and had me featured in a newsletter that yielded a lot of podcast interview opportunities where I am the guest, so I have multiple guest spots coming up as a guest on other people's podcasts. Enough that I started to lose track a bit because they were and are all scheduled throughout the next two months.

As can happen, one had to reschedule an upcoming interview to the beginning of September. If you haven't guessed where this is going, I moved the wrong interview appointment in my calendar due to a similarity in the hosts' names.

This is how being protected often works: about an hour ago the interview I moved to the beginning of September, but is actually on Monday emailed me asking for my bio because the site it is on was glitching and he couldn't find it. That's how I found the mistake, corrected it, and with Sonya's help again, got him the bio without an issue.

Now, on this particular interview, the link for the interview won't be sent until the day of, so I would have been reminded on Monday regardless, and it was going to be fine. I also keep a folder about interviews so I would have found the information in that after I added notes about the interview I have tomorrow.

But it sure as heck saved me from the mother of all anxiety spikes to find out that I had confused two hosts today, rather than on Monday.

If you'll excuse me I'm off to set up another set of reminders so that I'm bombarded in the days leading up to things. And also to make a mental note of being sure to mark all calendar events with the first and last name instead of first and an initial which is where I made my mistake.

That's often what being protected means though, it's not that things will go absolutely smoothly, but rather that mistakes can end up being a learning experience to help us do better in the future.

I'm considering sending myself candygrams because every single part of my responsible soul shriveled in the moment I realized I'd moved the wrong interview because the hosts have the same first name. . Thanks for heading off an anxiety attack in the making, universe.

Also, here's a picture of my dog because I may be a really poor juggler, but at least I am surrounded by cuteness.

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