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New Moon Manifestations!

Remember, it's time to set New Moon intentions, and this month's new moon referred to as a Black Moon, is particularly potent. Why? Because it's the second New Moon within a calendar month. That's relatively rare and whereas there are multiple definitions for a Black Moon, this is a New Moon with a partial solar eclipse. What does that mean? It means big energies are available to us in a time of transition and of trying to move towards our best possible outcomes. New moons help us bring in new energies and focus our energies for the months ahead but this new moon is particularly well suited to manifestation work because of its rarity combined with being at the start of an eclipse season. We're also in Taurus season which means that new love and new money manifestations have particular potency. Tomorrow is the New Moon in Taurus, harness its potent energy to bring prosperity and abundance into your life. Align, clean, and prepare to manifest by writing down intentions, by burning bay leaves, or by beginning money and abundance spells tomorrow. Remember, speak positively to yourself and others, you have an opportunity to set your energy for a truly prosperous time ahead. Harness the natural energies around you to aid your manifestation, further your goals, and to bring more love into your life!

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