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The Blessings of the Season to You

Greetings to everyone! No matter what you do or do not celebrate may this first new moon of the magical year be something that helps you manifest all the love and security, growth, happiness, and purpose throughout the next season. We are in Winter, influenced most by Earth and Air. This period of gestation as we await the rebirth of Spring is influenced most by Fire. My ancestors, guides, and guardians' offering reflects the seasons and the holidays.

Remember, what matters most in an offering is thoughtfulness and effort, not the expense of the offering or the lavishness of it, but rather the time, attention, and a focus of intent that helps magic manifest. Whatever tomorrow means to you, whatever this time of year means to you, may you be surrounded by love, comfort, and joy now and in the coming seasons. Believe.

No matter what this year has brought you, look for the lessons, what you learned about yourself, how you grew, how you learned to believe more in yourself and found out who you were when you weren't getting what you wanted. That is the true test of who we are, that gives us a window into what we need to heal to be free and powerful, to attract all that we truly deserve.

Divine timing means that your true blessings will come to you as they need to and remember, we learn valuable things about ourselves, and who were really are when we are struggling. That is the purpose of the Dark Night of the Soul, but the Sun is coming up again once more and all will increase from here if you open your heart and allow it to. Sometimes it won't take the form of what you wanted but often that is because what you have wanted changed as you healed.

Be well and merry.

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