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What being healed really is

I'm sharing this from a different account, but it's such a concise and helpful way to understand this. You will know you are healed when you don't need everything to be routine and safe around you to feel peaceful, achieve rest, a feeling of personal happiness or believe that you will be able to handle whatever happens around you.

It will come to you in stages, things will get easier and easier, and sometimes there will be a lot of tests to try and expand your abilities. Expect challenges, not because you are unloved if your guides bring you challenges, but because your confidence in your ability to handle those challenges grows each time you do so. And that's what stability and security really are, and that's what the divine is trying to help you get to, not a blissful life with never a ripple in the water, but rather an inner peace that assures you that you are a match for any storm.

Credit for the original sharing of this image goes to Fractal Enlightenment on Facebook but the artist is unknown on the artwork.

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